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Blackwall - Blackwall
Label: - Release: 2010 Style: Hardcore Metal / Thrashcore Tracklist 1. Torn, 2. Burn, 3. Price to pay, 4. Sick of life, 5. Mesh of lies, 6. Bloody submarine, 7. Set the score, 8. Without a cause
The Swiss band Blackwall from the city of Biel in the canton of Bern was formed in 2009. The quintet released their first self-titled album in April 2010 by Faba Records. It was produced by Jessi Brustolin at Quick Studios in Biel and vocals were recorded at Faba Studios in Biel. Jessi Brustolin and the band took care of the mixing. Philipp Delacombaz for Krach Soundz was responsible for the mastering. On the present album the group devoted itself to a mixture of American metalcore, European thrash metal power, Swedish death metal and Scandinavian black metal brutality.  This comes out very well, because of the good production. The music turned out really aggressive and varied with tempo changes and waited with breakdowns. The listener gets kicked in the ass during 26 minutes without the slightest chance to take a breath. Singer Rob Miola showed in the vocals alternated between roaring and screeching. Guitarist Roger Moser delivered thrash metal riffs, Swedish death metal riffs and breakdowns to flip the button in the listener's head and surrender to violent dancing. Drummer Kevin Ammon shined with blast beats and bassist Laurent Gyger supported him with the rhythm. The American bands Terror and Hatebreed left their mark on this group's groovy thrashcore. Although the wheel of time wasn‘t reinvented, this self-titled album could entertain me. However, the band should have a characteristic of its own. 8/12 Review by Dominic Latscha