Duality of Mind (SWI), Sun’N’Steel (SWI)
Presented by Rockfact Music Club & IRON-T21
The venue Rockfact Music Club and IRON T-21 held another concert after the successful launch. This time Duality of Mind and Sun’N’Steel from two different cantons played at Rockfact Music Club in Münchenstein. This promised to be an interestin‘ evening. The Rockfact Music Club opened its doors on 8 PM and one hour later, Peter Berger announced the Schaffhauser Hard’n’Heavy Metal band Sun’N’Steel. After an intro singer Walter Schutz and his fellow bandmates started with „Wicked World“ and had a lot of fun. The music of the musicians from Schaffhausen sounded like a mix of Axel Rudi Pell and the legendary British Hard Rock band Magnum. Especially the vocals of Walter Schutz reminded a little bit of Axel Rudi Pell singer Johnny Gioeli and Jeff Scott Soto but that didn’t bother at all.
The vocal performance was sensational  and the sparked the audience cheers. Furthermore the guitar tunes by Robert Biefer stuck in the head, because he was a master of his craft. Rarely you had seen such an extraordinary band that rocked the stage with so much passion. After the regular set the audience wasn’t satisfied and asked for encores. The Ronnie James Dio cover „Holy Diver“ and the popular song „America“ got played as encores and Sun’N’Steel left a great impression and earned much applause. Singer Walter Schutz thanked the organisers for the chance to perform bowed down in front of the audience with the other band members. It’s strange that this band ain’t more popular. Setlist Sun’N’Steel Intro Wicked World I’ll be the one Black Rain Hungry Eyes Chains of temptation Line of fire Stranger Colder than Steel Writings on the Wall Heading for Tomorrow State of Confusion Holy Diver America
A interruption occured and the stage was undergoin‘ preparations for headliner Duality of Mind. The Modern Metal / Hardcore band from Fricktal had the song of the week with „Psycho Rhymes“ in the show „Play The List“ of DRS3 radio host Nik Thomi and won the competition in 2008 and aside followed clubs and appearances on open air stages. “The Scream“ opened the conceret and what they performed here was musically flawless and varied. Between clean vocals and rap deposits of singer Roger Don Weber, the guitar tunes of Lukas Hänggi and Roger Stocker milled into the heads of the spectators. This mix was well received. Sometimes their music reminded of a mixture of Limp Bizkit and Staind. The Fricktaler were happy to rock the Rockfact Music Club and kicked ass. A wooden box also broke down what the good mood didn’t diminish. Live music has to be authentic and such things happen. Singer Roger Don Weber convinces vocally and created a party atmosphere. He underlinded his humorous side with the statement „A bit schizophrenia never hurts“. Furthermore they’re proud bein‘ part of the returnin‘ Crossover movement. Guitarist Lukas Hänggi put the guitar aside after „Don’t Let It Go“ and grabbed a mic to perform the song „Psycho Rhymes“ together with mainman Roger Don Weber. This song impressed by rhythm and autonomy.  The performance by Duality of Mind was well received by the audience and they played the two encores „Beautiful Life“ and „Push Me“ before the Fricktaler left the stage. They received much applause for the performance. Setlist Duality of Mind The Scream Demons Desert Flower Goodnight But Not Tonight Feel Safe Wake Up Question Of Time Trying Again Open Your Eyes Don’t Let It Go Psycho Rhymes Beautiful Life Push Me The Rockfact Music Club had quilted and the audience had a lot of fun tonite. Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha French translation by Alain C.
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein, Switzerland – 21.03.2015
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