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Fire Rose (SWI), Black Mount Rise (SWI)
Rockfact Music Club, Münchenstein, Switzerland – 10.09.2021
I still remember well the last concert at Rockfact Music Club. It was October 17, 2021 and a thrash metal concert took  place with the bands Freakings and Mortal Factor. Sadly, came the second lockdown and the cultural sector was  paralyzed for a long time again. This also had the consequence that it became quiet in this club in Münchenstein.  However, this tranquility was broken, because concerts, which were previously held in the Klangvoll-Bar in Binningen,  will now be held in the Rockfact Music Club with the motto "Klangvoll im Rockfact Music Club". An attractive program  was arranged with the Swiss bands Black Mount Rise and Fire Rose for the reopening. I went there to check out the  modified bar and trying the new drinks and gastronomic offer. After all there isn’t a reopening everyday. And all in one  weekend.  The gates opened at 7 PM and admission was granted. The lounge in the back on the left side when you enter the club  after a short descent was pretty cool to me. It looked cozy and I used the moment to chill there. After one and a half  hours, the band Black Mount Rise entered the stage at 8:30 PM. Honestly, I had never heard of this four-piece from  the municipality of Düdingen in the canton of Fribourg and was curious about their performance. Coincidentally, they  played the last concert at the Klangvoll-Bar in Binningen last year before a drought in live music ensued. The show  started with „Stand Alone“. Their music is a mixture of American alternative metal like Deftones with progressive bonds  from A Perfect Circle. However, there are also traces of Dream Theater and Symphony X. The band around singer &  guitarrist Yannick Schmidt conquered the audience with groovy beats, heavy guitar tunes and catchy melodies. The  jointly sung choruses of Yannick with guitarist Sandro Schmutz caused goose bumps. That was amazing. Very  atmospheric with a lot of beauty carried and punctuated by the harshness when the guitar riffs come down. After the  last song "Chronophobia" they left the stage and got applause for their performance. You didn't notice anything of the  70 minutes playing time.  Setlist Black Mount Rise Stand Alone Drown The Sun Sundown Boulevard Silence & Disarray Riverbed All This Time Down That Road Again Indifference In That Respect A Tedious Farewell We Are Sinking Chronophonia After a short break it was Fire Rose's turn. The heavy metal / hard rock band from the upper part of Basle-Country  startet to perform their set on 9:50 PM. Meanwhile all members wear moustaches and beards except drummer Daniel  Kopp. Those who know this band, know the movement on stage is part of the program. Mainman Philipp Meier changed  the side of the stage more often and presented himself in a good mood and experienced voice. The change between  clear vocals and heavy metal screams sounded great and the guitar fraction Simon Giese and Florian Giese didn't leave  anything to be desired. They had guitar duels with each other and with bassist Janick Schaffner. In between, everyone  was allowed to kick ass with guitar solos and ignite heavy rock fireworks. They made the audience sweat and drove it  crazy with hits like „Devil On High Heels“, „On The Edge“, „We Are Wild“, „Together We Stand“ and „Light Of Hope“. A  quiet song „Rain Falls Down“ followed to gain new energy. Tribute was paid to the American sport with „Touchdown“ in a  metallic manner and they definitely sink the touchdown with a vocalist like Philipp and his bandmates. A new strack  „Fields Of Honor“ was presented and Philipp told the audience that a new album will follow next year. I liked this song  very much because of its simple structure of melody and harshness. After a short mariachi intermezzo the party anthem  "Tequila" about the Mexican cactus liquor followed, which belongs to Mexico like sombreros and the Day of the Dead. Hit  full and caused much enthusiasm. A humorous side blow against Federal Councillor Alain Berset occured with Philipp's  statement "whether we can play our next concerts we don't know, only Alain Berset knows". It’s great that humor hasn‘t  been lost in these times. After "Fades To Grey" Philipp announced to the audience that it's the turn of the last song with  "Heavy Metal Still Burns". This song is simply a kick ass track and is a kind of band anthem to me, because the words  "Fire Rose" appear in it. Anyway, the mood was great and no one wanted an end of the performance. For this reason  "encore" shouts followed. "Wheels On Fire" was played as the first encore and another new song "Rise Like The Sun"  with galloping Iron Maiden guitar tunes ended their live spectacle this evening. An explosive heavy metal / hard rock mix  of 80 minutes left a satisfied audience. You can't escape the blazing heat of the fire and the wild passion of a rose.  Setlist Fire Rose Get It All Devil On High Heels Leave Your Cage On The Edge We Are Wild Together We Stand Light Of Hope Rain Falls Down Touchdown Fields Of Honor Tequila Fades To Grey Heavy Metal Still Burns Wheels On Fire Rise Like The Sun After the apperances you could stay at the Rockfact Music Club and talk to the guests and band members or buy  merchandise like CD's or T-shirts. I left the venue at Midnight and was happy about the great Friday evening I spent in  Münchenstein. A few more spectators would have been better.  Those who missed Fire Rose that night could pilgrimage to Seppi's Mampferia in Möhlin and see them live there on  September 11, 2021. Livereport by Dominic Latscha