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Freakout Festival Vol II
Distillator (NED), Bitterness (GER), Freakings (SWI), KLAW (SWI)
Kulturhotel Guggenheim, Liestal,  Switzerland – 05.01.2019
The Freakout Festival took place for the second time this year. At Kulturhotel Guggenheim in Liestal, capital city of canton Baselland in the Northwestern part of Switzerland. Last year, the premiere took place with a sold – out ambiance. A good opportunity to ring in the new year. The bands KLAW and Freakings from Switzerland, Bitterness from Germany and Distillator from Netherlands performed. The doors opened on 8 PM and you could enter Kulturhotel Guggenheim. It was a relief, because it was very cold outside and waiting in the cold is very uncomfortable. Therefore you were rewarded with warmth and drinks inside. KLAW started off as first band of the evening. The first song „Eta Carinae“ sounded and the musical direction was preceded: thrash metal. Singer Lucie changed from death growls to Overkill like vocals what suprised me personally, because I don’t know such changes and usually woudn’t expect it. Guitar solos by guitarist Chasper Wanner and Simon Freiburghaus created good atmosphere. Generally you could determine that this band kicked ass live and didn’t just stand around and played down. Positions were changed on stage in order that all spectators could see the band members. The appearance ended after the song „Light Crusher“ and they obtained applaus for the performance. Despite the short time performance did a great show. Setlist KLAW Eta Carinae Panic Exskeleton Don’t Give Me That Hurt People Age Of Fools Hellcome Light Crusher Freakings were the next band on stage. The three-piece began to perform with „Price of Freedom“. And what they performed was quite an affair. It was a perfect show. Singer Jonathan Brutschin did an amazing vocal performance and had guitar duels with bass player Tobias Straumann. The spectators beat up with hard thrash metal and they participated with headbanging and a circle pit. That’s the way a show has to be to bring joy to the audience. A new song „Nuclear Attack“ got played and convinced. „Gladiator“ and „Wave of Pain“ got played as encores, because the show was so good. For their great performance obtained much applause and earned themselves. There’s nothing to complain. Who doesn’t know this band should check them out live and listen to their records. Otherwise you miss something. Setlist Freakings Price of Freedom Violent Disaster Future Vision Hell on Earth Toxic End Friendly Fire Nuclear Attack Hate in our Veins TxWxNxD No More Excuses Gladiator Wave of Pain Now it was time for Bitterness. The German thrash metal band was eagerly expected by some spectators. Their music differed from their predecessors with Blast Beats and Doublebass was good to define from boredom and stuck out the masses. The audience liked the sound and showed it with headbanging and a good mood. It was a great performance and convinced in every respect and kicked ass like Freakings. However, signs of fatigue had an impact on the spectators. The dutch band Distillator entered the stage as last band at the eleventh hour. Unfortunately the audience decreased much and the room was half-empty but it didn’t prevent them doing a fantastic performance. Guitar duels between singer Laurens and bassist Frank followed and the music reminded of the legendary american band Slayer. Most of all the guitars and vocals contained some musical shades. The remained spectators spectators enjoyed the appearance and celebrated the band. Singer Laurens asked the metalfans to join and start a party. They answered the call without hesitation and were glad for the guitar solos by the band leader. There was a steady motion on stage until the last song „Mechanized“ sounded and rounded off the successful presence of the Dutch thrash metal band. Setlist Distillator Guerilla Shiver Saturation Estates Sucidial Perceiving Swarm Slayer Summoning Revolutionary Megalomania Mechanized Thanks to the organizers of Freakout Festival for this fantastic evening. It was a pleasure to be at this event and would be pleased about another festival next year. Hopefully more spectators will be peresent until the end. Livereport and Photos by Dominic Latscha