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Relayer (SWI)
Joker Club, Sissach,  Switzerland – 19.05.2018
Pentecosts shows itself from its varied side. There was a lot of sun in the morning and afternoon but the table turned in the evening and rain and cold degrees followed. But there’s no reason to mope. There’s a longer weekend in the end. Concerts always take place. I became aware of Joker Club in Sissach, Canton of Baselland by a friend. The Swiss band Relayer should perform there. I drive everywhere for good music. I was running into the club for cover plagued by pouring rain. Tonight’s set was divided in two parts and caused curiosity before the upcoming appearance. The intro rang on 9:40 PM and the show started with „Loss of Control“. It quickly became clear the Solothurner commemorate live
a catchy mix of melodic rock and mainstream what you don’t hear everyday. Singer Carlos Pedrosa did a great vocal performance and encouraged the audience to sing along and create good humor. The audience already was on fire for the sound and became loud immediately. Guitarist Freddy Schaffner impressed with faultless guitar play and bassist Bruno Gehriger doesn’t only shine on the bass but delivers a fun competition with singer Carlos who’s having a better impression on the audience. Keyboarder and Background singer Hene Klodel provided the spheric sound carpet and adds a own note to the sound. Drummer Ugur Baltali convinced with stage presence. A break of 15-20 minutes occured afterwards and you could talk to the band members or drink something. Meanwhile a DJ fed the guests with with canned music. A gesture which I appreciate, because it shows appreciation to the own fans. The second part of the set with „Dark Times“ followed. This time everything sounded different from the beginning. A brilliant move! That’s something what you don’t expect at all and caused a surprise. The longer this set was played, the more mood came to the audience. After „Back With You“ the performance should be over. But the spectators siomply made the band a line through the bill. Encore shouts followed. Their persistence paid off. The encore „Saturday Night“ followed and Relayer bowed out to a enthusiastic audience. Setlist Relayer Intro Loss Of Control Mystery Woman Woman In Black Flying High Only U Way Of The World Dark Times Somethings Wrong Perdon The Truth Gimme One More Night Monster Back With You Saturday Night What they performed was a kind of magic tonight. In this day and age, such music is no longer heard on the radio much less so you can’t often see these kinds of bands playing live in different clubs in its national territory. I‘ll keep an eye on this band. Livereport and photos from Dominic Latscha