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Snakeskin Boozeband (SWI)
Loki Dancing Bar, Laufen,  Switzerland – 19.05.2017
You go out and have a good time and all bars and clubs close always when it’s most beautiful. But there’s a possibility to continue partyin’ with an after hours party. The Loki Dancing bar in City of Laufen had the brilliant idea to organise a after hours concert.Such a thing didn’t exist and the local band Snakeskin Boozeband  performed. It was a premier for this venue because no band has been playin‘ there inside.The Loki Dancing Bar opened its doors on 11 PM. You didn’t have to pay entry and there was no support band. One hour and a half later, Snakeskin Boozeband  entered the stage after a sitar-intro and „Rock’n’Roll Mad“ sounded. The sound at
Loki Dancing Bar was great and provided the power to the kick ass ‚rock’n’roll sound. Singer Lukas Franz convinced with  a great vocal performance and shined with guitar solos by which he enthrilled the audience. It’s incredible watchin’ this  young, gifted man playin‘ guitar. It’s just out of this world. The spectators thanked with loud applause and had fun. Bass  player Vincent Perry had guitar duels with mainman Lukas Franz and with drummer Pascal Kohler who’s more groovy.  A J.A.M session followed and the members of Snakeskin Boozeband could show their musical skills to the audience.  A break occured after „Stop And Stop“ and the band members mingled with the audience. You could talk to them and  drink somethin‘ together. A nice gesture of the three piece, who showed humbleness and appreciation to the fans.   About 2 AM singer Lukas Franz, bass player Vincent Perry and drummer Pascal Kohler returned on stage. Lukas grabed  the slide guitar and played an introduction to announce the second set. „Fake Personalities“ followed and a moshpit  occured. You can call it „Party Hard“, because there was a good mood and the spectators went crazy.  A quiet song called „Where’s The Justice“ followed and was a good opportunity to breath deeply.   „Bad Romance“ would’ve been the last song. But encores had to be played by this amazing performance. The spectators  wanted continue partying and more rock’n’roll from the power rock trio. For this reason „Two Track Road“ and „On The  Run“ followed. After that Lukas Franz, Bassist Vincent Perry and Schlagzeuger Pascal Kohler said goodbye to an  passionate audience. They obtained much applause for their performance.  Setlist Snakeskin Boozeband Part 1 Sitar-Intro Rock’n’Roll Mad / Stand Up The Keeper Midnight Gambler Watch Out! J.A.M. / S. Booze Stop And Stay Part 2 Slide-Intro Fake Personalities Shot Down Fuck Off! Stick To The Facts Little Love Song Where’s The Justice? Bar Romance Two Track Road On The Run After the concert you could stay at the Loki Dancing Bar until 4 AM, talk to the band or listen to good rock music. Then  the club closed its doors and the spectators had to leave.  Thanks to the Loki Dancing Bar Team in Laufen for this after hours concert. The organisation was professional and you  felt the hospitality everytime. Hopefully there’ll be more concerts in the future.  Livereport and photos by Dominic Latscha