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Burning Witches - Burning Witches
Label: Non Stop Music Records / Nuclear Blast Records Release: 2016 / 2019 Style: Heavy Metal Tracklist 1. Black Widow, 2. Burning Witches, 3. Bloody Rose, 4. The Dark Companion, 5. Metal Demons, 6. Save Me, 7. Creatures Of The Night, 8. We Eat Your Children, 9. Creator Of Hell, 10. The Deathlist, 11. Jawbreaker
Burning Witches is a Swiss Heavy Metal band from the smalltown of Brugg, canton of Aargau. The five-piece female band with singer Seraina Telli, guitarist Alea Wyss, guitarist Romana Kalkuhl (Atlas & Axis), bassist Jay Grob und drumer Lala Frischknecht was formed in 2015. Through an article on the Internet portal Blabbermouth I became aware of this group. Their first concert took place at Met Bar in Lenzburg with support act Shanghai Guns and the band performed a heavy metal firework of the highest quality class on stage of this venue in canton of Aargau. With a self-titled single you managed to shine in the German magazines Rock Hard and Metal Hammer as "Demo des Monats". Later you launched the self-titled debut, which got produced by no one else than music producer V.O. Pulver (ex-Carrion, Poltergeist) singer Schmier of Destruction during the period from May 2015 and December 2015 at Little Creek Studios. The record was mixed in June 2016 by Schmier, the band and V.O. Pulver. Last mentioned cared about Mastering. Gyula Havanszak was responsible for the cover and artwork. The photos were taken by Dario Häusermann. In 2019, the work was re-released by the German record company Nuclear Blast Records. On the self-titled debut the listener can expect a mixture of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal in the style of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and German Metal by Doro Pesch. Members Alena Wyss and Romana Kalkuhl let the riffs speak for themselves and cover the listener with sounds reminiscent of the glorious 80s when this music took the world by storm. Influences of Adrian Smith and Dave Murray shine through. Captivating melodies and guitar solos create excitement and singer Seraina Telli scores with her multifaceted voice. Likewise, bassist Jay Grob and drummer Lala Frischknecht are masters of their craft and convince with professionalism. Due to the rich production, the sound is convincing at any time and it’s a pleasure to listen to these women making music. For example, I recommend the band anthem "Burning Witches", "Bloody Rose", "Creatures of the Night" or "We Eat Your Children". Besides own songs there’s a cover version of the Judas Priest song "Jawbreaker". If you always wanted to hear a Swiss metal band that consists of female members and is convincing both live and on record, you should take time to get to know Burning Witches. With their sound they defy the male competition and show that women can kick ass with hard sound as well. 10/12 Review by Dominic Latscha